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Neural Semantics Tools & Techniques
Ancient Indian Science & Spirituality

Tat Twam Asi - Therapy & Counselling

Tat Twam Asi - Individual Coaching Program is a Unique Blend of Neural Semantics, NLP Tools and Techniques and Ancient Indian Science and Spirituality.  This Method is Effectively used for Improving the Mental & Physical Health. The Quality of Life depends on a Person’s Coping Abilities with Mind & Physical Health Challenges. Reena Jabran has been using this method as a Powerful Tool to bring a person back to Track.  She Explores past situations & experiences, gathers the Relevant Information on the route till present date, tapping the useful & not useful Belief Systems and directs one beyond the Barriers & Limitations with the Ancient Indian Science and Spirituality.  20 years of Experience has enabled her to guide more than 1500 Individuals to handle tough Challenges and get into a path of Passion, Inspiration and Celebration

This method Creates, Negates and Modifies Thought Processes & Behavioral Patterns to a more Productive Existence. One can notice change in themselves even after the 1st session, and people around  [Personal & Professional] would see the change profoundly. The Changes are Permanent and Irreversible. One just has to come with an open mind and trust the technology. Tat Twam Asi Therapy is about Action, it’s Dynamic and Energetic, making the changes you want to change happen - Right Now !

Areas that can be helped includes

Coping with Stress

A person goes through a ‘fight or flight’ response and that produces a lot of stress. This can also arise from behavioral and hormonal changes as well as physiological changes. Nervous reactions such as sweating, flushes, fidgeting, mouth drying, and butterflies in the stomach all are indicators of stress. Experiences of the past and agitations of the future also trigger some kind of acute stress. Headaches, unexplained physical aches and pains, low or depressed mood, increased susceptibility to common viruses, poor concentration, forgetfulness, changes in appetite, poor sleep are indicators for stress. Work pressure, family commitments can all contribute and the result can be short tempered, anxiousness, health related problems etc.

How one usually deals with stress : painkillers for aches, relaxants, drugs, sleeping dosages, planning on more sleep, shopping spree, changing diets, and extreme cases drinking alcohol, comfort eating, increased smoking, spending time outside – not understanding that all these only alleviate the symptoms.

Stress can lead to heart disease, lung cancer, accidents, cirrhosis of liver, suicidal tendencies and high depressions leading to mental agony for self and people around.

The therapies are more effective and beneficial than drug therapy to respond to stress. We can work upon healthier life style, addressing the problem and the cause and reducing the stress so that we feel better emotionally, and physically.

Career Change Counseling

Effective career change encourages and enables you to view your career as a long term project. Career change can help you towards your next job or career, and plan where you want to be in 5 – 10 - 15 years time.

Using techniques you will be assisted to identify what is important to you as well as your capabilities, skills and interests. Your focus would be enhanced and you will be able to set your goals powerfully. You will be able to find out what goes along with your passion and inspired path and how to achieve it. The techniques are fundamental to identifying a positive and rewarding career path, and an important process of self appraisal.

Phobia Cure

A phobia is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive and unreasonable desire to avoid the feared stimulus. When the fear is beyond ones control, and if the fear is interfering with daily life, then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made.

A few Fears are :

Social phobia – fear of social setups

Aerophobia – fear of flying

Agoraphobia – fear of place or situation - so stays at home

Claustrophobia – fear of confined spaces like elevators, space under the staircase, small closed rooms etc

Acrophobia – fear of heights

Brontophobia – fear of thunderstorm

Necrophobia – fear of death

Aquaphobia – fear of water

Atychiphobia – fear of failure

Autophobia – fear of loneliness

Genophobia – fear of sexual togetherness

Nomophobia – fear of being out of mobile phone contact

Phasmophobia – fear of ghosts

and the list goes on…..

Weight Management

Everyone today are concerned about their weight issues. The factors can be clinical and psychological. Clinical factor for Weight gain can be due to hormonal secretion, drugs administered, and other medical conditions. The psychological factors would be emotional blockages, habitual thought pattern and behaviors, food urges, unhealthy food intake, go along with the tongue, laziness to exercise, sedentary life style.

Through the techniques of NS one can work on the Removal of Emotional blockages, Interrupt habitual thought patterns and behaviors, model health fads, understand and work upon healthy food habits, food urges, and say ‘no’ to banned foods according to health conditions and work on building up self confidence and feel good concept.

Increased Performance at Work

Each one of us would love to climb the ladder of success and be more productive. Patterned form of working or habits, laid back attitude, the inability to take risks, no compelling reasons, happy go lucky attitude brings down the motivation to take the extra action.

Improving the consistency of performance. It feels good to do well, and it feels very good to do well all the time. People perform at all levels from the person who view sports as a hobby to the professional sportsperson. Achieving and maintaining good performance is essential at all levels including work and personal relationships. An Increased performance at work would bring in more celebrations at home and work.

Sports Excellence

Every top Sportsman knows the importance of mental conditioning; physical prowess alone is not enough to put one at the top of the game. The increased stress of competitions can cause one to react both physically and mentally in a manner which can negatively affect the performance abilities. One may feel tense, experience the heart rate racing, break into cold sweat and worry about the outcome of the competition thereby reduce the ability to concentrate. Negative experiences when one fails or performance lets one down, would affect the memory and the programming in the brain.

The therapies can intervene with that negative recycling pattern and eliminate competitive anxiety. The techniques work around goal setting, stress and anxiety reduction and guided imagery which will handle competitive anxiety and enhance the performance level.

Coping with Break Ups

When coping with break up, such as marriage and relationship, or any close friend, all of us may experience pain and sorrow, it is a natural part of the grieving process. When you feel like this is getting out of hand, adversely affecting areas of your life and how well you function, then…. it is time to consider help.

If you are preparing to end a relationship, NS techniques can help stabilize those emotions during the difficult process, preparing you to reduce the emotional aftermath. These techniques won’t erase the value of the relationship or its pleasant memories, it would only help you to move on and be emotionally stable.

Generating New Habits

Habits are simply patterns of behavior, so the techniques can provide an ideal intervention to breaking habits that don’t work, and develop new habits that work for you.

Generating new behaviors by modeling strategies of role models, enhancing etiquettes, integrating conflicts, generating new choices, working around weakness and making the strength more profound can be achieved by these techniques.

Changing Behavioral Patterns

Habits are commonly seen like nail biting, nose digging, fiddling with the hair, leg shaking, being late, getting upset with traffic, avoiding a particular place, frowning, scratching just like that, biting the lips, etc can be irritating for you and others.

Working upon Obsessive compulsive disorder [OCD] – an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations, or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something again and again.

These repeated behaviors and Habits can be a situation to both the person who has it and to people around you. Tat Twam Asi Program can help you to eradicate these behaviors.

Emotional Healing

Negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and guilt when in excess can lead to disrupt your Personal and Career Life.

The Tat Twam Asi program provide new ways of dealing with Emotional problems such as low self esteem, Anxiety, lack of confidence, destructive relationship patterns [coping with break ups], Emotional past experiences and situations, not assertive and cannot say ‘no,’. door mat disorders, guilt feelings and feeling miserable on situations that is beyond ones capacity. It also enables to handle home and work related emotions, challenges and experiences.

Relationship Management

Relationship handling has been a challenge these days. Situations arise between spouses, other important family members, Children, colleagues, friends as each wants to niche a space for themselves. Today it is becoming difficult to forgive and forget as everyone is independent and extending oneself is not being seen as necessary. Past experiences seem to haunt you.

To celebrate life and to work on smoothly at work place and home, rapport has become very important. Easing out differences and making relationships work has become the call of the day especially with children.

Bereavement Counseling

Bereavement and grief reactions can be complex and stressful issues for you, your family and friends. Everyone deals with the experiences in different ways and goes through a range of emotions. Common emotions people experience include disbelief, shock, anger, sadness, relief, guilt, depression, anxiety, despair, insecurity, longing and loneliness. These are understandable reactions and may be accompanied by physical symptoms indicative of stress.

With the Tat Twam Asi Program, the pain of grief can be eased to a large extent.

Alternative Healing

– Coping up with Physical Health Issues

Alternative healing is a phrase commonly used to represent ‘non-conventional’ approaches to health; however it has become well established science that there is mind body connection to healing.

Psychologists and neuroscientists are harnessing the power of the unconscious mind to use its resources to help the body to heal itself.

Handling cases of Migraines, clutter headaches, tooth pain, muscle pain and other paralytic pains have all been yielding significant and positive results through alternate healing. Certain allergies also can be cured through this technology. People are able to manage chronicle diseases and also cancer to a large extent.

In case of serious illness preparation for an operation/illness and also post operative care/healing time is very important. Being upset about having a serious illness is a normal and reasonable reaction. One then needs to move beyond those feelings to be able to accept the healing process. This helps a person to feel stronger emotionally and more in charge of the situation. Bhishavara Yoga provide an effective means of coping better. Once the illness is gone and one is recovered, you need to discover this ‘new’ you and evaluate the priorities and get a better hold on what one wants in life. 

Fear of Examination / Public Speaking

Peer Pressure, Seniors pressure, home pressure, parent pressure, school pressure, organization pressure can cause a lot of anxiety. This anxiety can give raise to fear of handling failures, opinion of other people and criticism.

Fears such as Fear of Failure, Fear of Public Speaking, Examination Fear, Fear to face the Seniors/Superiors at Work and at Academics, Fear of facing the crowd.

Bhaya Haraka Program can restructure the belief systems and remove the fear which is programmed and build up confidence to face challenges and handle criticism and opinions.

Anxiety Disorders

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. Meeting deadlines, going for appointments with dentist, doctors, girlfriends, being late for important events and handling challenges and responsibilities. Anxiety disorders can cause both distress and also a lot of disruption to a person’s everyday life. Symptoms can be shortness of breath, racing heart rate, clammy hands, and dizziness and trembling all over the body, sweating etc.

Anxiety disorders can cause fears and worries. A person may have an underlying, niggling feeling that something bad is always going to happen, negative thoughts with regard to the action or experiences.

Panic disorder involves sudden, intense feelings of dread. This is often linked with a particular scenario such as standing in public making a presentation, or going in a crowded bus or train. Feeling neglected, not being loved, not given significance or importance, low self esteem, low self confidence, fear of voicing ones opinion, handling criticism, health related problems for self and loved ones, insecurity feelings and cursing oneself when anything goes wrong all these would lead to depression and isolation.

The Tat Twam Asi Program  have been very successful in handling anxiety disorders effectively.

Pet Bereavement

When we have an animal in our life they become part of the family and their departure can leave us feeling bereft. This is a common experience for many people because we attach emotionally to animals and care for them as one of the family. It is important to recognize the feelings of sadness, anger, guilt , shock or despair and the painful experience associated with it. This range of emotions can affect one very strongly.