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  • “Reena is a dear friend and a strong and courageous person who has faced all the challenges in life with a smile. Her never give up attitude has made her unique and her focus on changing many women to be like her is yet another powerful venture she has taken. Her trainings are very inspiring and motivating. I am sure she would be the best coach for the 'women Empowerment' program she is conducting.

    My best wishes to her.”

    Kalpana Ganesh
    Corporate HR (OD),
    Ashok Leyland,
    Chennai, India
  • “I have known Reena for the last fifteen years. I met her for the first time when she and her husband attended my lecture in Chennai. All three of us met socially thereafter...

    I am aware that Reena went through some trying times and I am happy that she emerged stronger.

    She is a focussed individual with great insights, empathy and concern for others--all the qualities that have helped become an effective and transformational trainer.

    I wish her all the best in her personal and professional pursuits.”

    Professor Rooshikumar Pandya
  • “Some of the techniques practiced during these three days were fantastic and really helps a person to move towards continuous improvement of a person. The session on "Presentation Skills" was great. I applied the same technique during one of my presentation and it really help me. Apart from that, I learned a lot from you during these three days only by observing you. Your energy level, communication and way of involving participants was great.

    And, I hope for a long term association with you. ”

    Pardeep Dalal
    Power Grid Jammu,
  • “Reena the motivational speaker

    I had first met Reena at a public program organised by MMA and in the brief meeting I knew I wanted to stay in touch with her. She has a visible, infectious energy that charges up anyone in touch with her. Over time I saw her in workshops and training sessions and witnessed how deftly she motivates the audience and infuse them with enthusiasm.

    Reena has handled her own very tough personal and professional challenges like a hero and that brings a lot of conviction in her delivery.”

    Kalpana Ganesh
    DGM - Corporate HR
    Ashok Leyland,
    Chennai, India
  • “I was thinking about Reena's program 2 weeks back, the program actually had boosted my confidence to a different level, it gave me the push to start all over again, I guess.

    Thanks for arranging that. I dont think I could have become the director of a company or get this salary in such a short time otherwise”

    Whirlpool India,
    Pondicherry, India
  • “I would like to thank you once again for the two programmes that you did for Ladies Study Group Kolkata Members. Both the Talk and the Workshop were very well appreciated by the participants. Your warm and vibrant personality added colour to the NLP seminar.

    We hope you too had a good experience in interacting with our members in Kolkata. We wish you all success in your efforts to each out to more and more people, helping them.”

    Anu Dalmiya
    President of Ladies Study Group,
    Kolkata, India
  • “NLP might be a hitherto unknown concept to all of us and perhaps most of us have still not understood the technical nuances of the subject but one thing that has been chiseled in all of us is the fact that we have most certainly acknowledged, understood and done away with our barriers.

    For the first time Reena, we have been able to achieve what we were trying to achieve all these years.. making everybody shed their inhibitions and come out in the open so freely and beautifully . it has indeed been a metamorphosis and the cocoon has indeed been shed !

    For the first time perhaps in a long time now , we have an office of enthusiastic ,bubbly , chirpy people who have managed to unleash the child in each one of them and now we can actually sense the collective energy in our daily interactions . Reena you deserve this credit and I hope and wish this energy and spirit sustains.. thanks to you.”

    Managing Director,
    GFT Technologies,
    Trichy, India
  • “You were highly energetic and dedicated throughout the 4 days program. I have not seen a faculty with such a dedication working late long hrs with the participants. The location choosen for the program was apt and the arrangements were well taken care, It was a Gurukul setup.

    The NLP program has very good application tools for the self development of the individual and for HR Managers for their employee development. After coming back i have chosen 5 employees amongst 300 of them who wish to change themselves. I am sure with a Guru and Guide like you on my side I would be successful in my endeavour.

    I recommend this program to the HR fraternity which would help them in bringing in work place excellence by promoting individual excellence. I relish every moment I spent on those 4 days.”

    Sr.Manager - HR & Plant Engg, 
    Gabriel India Limited, 
    Hosur, India
  • “Best wishes to your organisation which is now going global. I recall with pleasantness, the time when you had delivered sessions using NLP techniques on stress management programmes conducted at our Training Institute. The participants, not only enjoyed the way in which the session was conducted, but also the quality of the take-aways that they had, after the completion of the session. What made it special was that the suggestions to tackle stress were not general, but specific methodologies were imparted to the participants for dealing with their problems and anxieties. Plus, your inimitable style of delivery of the lecture, in itself, was a delight to watch. The feel-good feeling after the session is undeniable.”

    AAD(Trg.)/Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute,
    Chennai, India
  • “Thank you for helping me organise the day long work shop on team work, creativity and probability thinking for my colleagues consisting of the management committee, heads of departments and their second in commands. As a participant myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and it was just the kind of break one needs to look at things from different perspectives. As for the experience of coordinating the workshop goes I appreciate Krishna’s professionalism and wish him the very best for the future, I am sure he’ll do wonders once he decided to play sports again. My colleagues too had wonderful things to share about their experience and once again thank you for your support.”

    Kartik Khanna
    Manager - Learning & Development,
    Taj Exotica, Goa,
  • “I would like to thank you for organising the high energy and intensive - fast and furious themed day long work shop on team work, creativity and probability thinking for my team consisting of the management committee, heads of departments and their second in commands. The teams enjoyed every bit of it and the whole day was very well planned and each activity well thought of and organised keeping in mind the theme and objectives of the workshop. The learning from each of the activity hit the nail on the head with exactly what I wanted to impart to my team before the upcoming very prestigious and international summit being hosted at our hotel.”

    Ranjit Phillipose
    Area Director Taj Goa & General Manager Taj Exotica,
    Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces,
  • “My team and I enjoyed all the four days training conducted by you. The team learned a lot from the workshop and team building exercises, and help them understand more what Tajness is all about; how we apply and execute the learning to make our guests experience the Tajness.

    Your module and approach to training is systematic and fun, and would definitely recommend you to my colleagues for training.”

    Vishal Singh
    General Manager,
    Taj Exotica Resort & Spa,


  • “Firstly, would like to thank you for guiding me ,this has been an eye-opener and a dip stick test for me.I have been able to identify the GAP areas in terms of my skills as a trainer.

    It was an outstanding program. It really helped me to reorganize my thought process; I learned to look at things in life differently. Living is an art, the most complicated art and NLP shows the path to live life with zeal, pleasure and with resourceful state. I have learned to go from problem state to desired state.For me NLP means NEW LIFE PROGRAMING !!!

    I thank you for the changes you have brought about in me.

    Require your help and blessings always…”

    Brajesh Sharma
    Learning & Development (Sales), 
  • “Dear Reena,

    I miss you, and I miss your calming voice so much.. 

    No words can express how you really touched my life.

    Learning, becoming better in every way and really opening up. I’m doing things I never thought I was capable of. I became Punctual, more Assertive and really celebrating being alive… And the re-parenting worked like magic.. the intensity is down to 20% at times when I’m really furious, then it just fades :)

    NLP is working on all the aspects of my life.

    Best Regards,”

    Alia Alaa Eldin Yousef
    Cairo, Egypt
  • “Dear Reena,

    I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful week you spent with us in Cairo. You had my eyes open on new options I have to solve any issue I have to face.

    Practicing all these NLP techniques you taught us has helped me over come many of the obstacles I used to encounter while dealing with others or with myself.

    I also want to thank you for your prompt reply when ever I need your support and advice.

    Thank you for being there for me.

    God bless,”

    Cairo, Egypt
  • “Days that changed my outlook to life……..

    To anybody in the world I can boldly say that, few days in July 2009 changed my whole outlook to my life.. I was down, mentally, physically and emotionally due to numerous happenings in my life. One of my friends at Chennai, Mr.Murali introduced to a new world called NLP and reffered the name of Ms. Reena Jabran. As happened to any middle class person I approached this with lots of apprehension and doubt since I had a bad experience with Other training organisations which promotes NLP. At the same time, my inner mind was asking to go and experience. Next 10 days were magical and I experienced my abundant energy and power coming within and all wrong perceptions vanished and I started having right approach to life. This Master Practitioner Certificate course helped me to take up my passion- Training- and there was no looking back. Reena, I could experience, with all her tribulations, struggles made her stronger and powerful, and I knew that sole reason was NLP. She is a Master Guru for us. Whenever I have any situations coming up, I remember her and surprising that, every situation vanishes in thin air. With the application of NLP techniques in both my personal life as well professional, I could create a good name in corporate world of Training. Compulsion of space limitation, force me to conclude… Anybody and everybody I strongly recommend to undergo NLP Learning and to practice. One will achieve his/her true potential. I am grateful to my Guru and mentor Reena and wish her greater heights. She is destined to change the lives of millions…

    Pranam… ”

    E.K.Shyam Kumar
    Training Head, Strides Arcolab,
    Bangalore, India
  • “I am not sure whether to call this as a Testimonial or a Biography. I have so much to write! Am hereby using every possible techniques, with all my resourceful states to say exactly what my Subconscious mind has to say. If you get any beautiful images in between my text, kindly note that these are explicit images of the subconscious!

    No matter where I searched to do my NLP in India , I constantly hit on the name "Ms Reena Jabran". It was as though , the Universe was hinting me in every possible manner to approach her. I spoke to Ms Reena 4 years back , She was the first call I made to enquire about this Life changing program and forever she will be my NLP God.

    Ms Reena Jabran made NLP understand the way it needs to be understood. She made all my Dreams come true through my own Wants. I know for sure now that am heading in the right direction and Nothing can stop me from my Goal!

    I know and can witness the changes right before my eyes when I operate from a State of Power, with positive affirmations and especially when I do not use the words "But" and "Try".

    It feels like a loud hammer on my head when I say them...

    This is a complete Mind, Body and Soul experience and am glad that I got this opportunity to do this Basic and Master Practioner course at Yelagiri. Now I feel so empowered to unleash my Potential and give it to the world.

    Thanks Reena and Thanks a Bunch! I recommend this Program to all those who want to make that difference.”

    Neela Kannan
    Assistant Manager Recruitment, 
    Amtex systems ,
    Chennai, India
  • “When I first decided on doing an NLP course, I had absolutely no idea what it was about and what I was getting into. I spoke to a lot of people who were holding the course at a lot of different places, but somehow none of them could convince me that what I was thinking of doing would benefit me in any way. And then I saw Jayakartha. And called you.

    The first time I spoke to you, the warmth and confidence that exuded from you took my breath away. I mean, here was someone who was trying to market her course to me, but did not speak about the actual course at all!!!! It was all about what I really want - and that sealed the deal. I mean, booking for a program to be held towards the end of September in the end of July itself? I for sure have never done something like that.

    And now I'm exhilarated that I did. I came back to Pune a completely changed person - for the better! I've learnt to let go of the past and live in the present, while doing everything I can for a bright future. I finally have a clear goal in my mind, and am honestly totally stoked about the fact that I have so many people to fall back on, though I've also learnt I'm strong enough to be able to deal with it all, on my own :)

    hank you Reena - words would never be enough to show you how you've changed my life, and through me, the life of everyone around me. Stay on the lookout for me, though! I might just sneak in for the Life Coach session we spoke about.

    Loads and Loads and Loads of love...

    Ice Cream :) ”

    Neelanjana Saxena
    Life Coach in NLP,
    Pune, India
  • “Reena, You are finest example of the dictum " when the going gets tough, the tough gets going " .

    My best wishes are with you as always”

    Mohan Sharma
  • “Reena is an epitome of energy and calibre. I was trained by Reena in NLP and it was something which I will never forget in my life. Reena is one among those who have made an everlasting impression on me. I have not met her for a very long time and I am sure during these years he would only have become even more better in what she was already great at”

    Jayesh Menon
    Regional HR director, APAC at Itron,
  • “"LIFE - Living inspire freedom - and experience". Just like it says, this program is rich in experiences directed towards the celebration of Life! Thank you Reena for your gifts and your guidance during those 10 essential days in the beautiful Yelagiri Hills.

    With Love,”

  • “Reena is a powerhouse. She lives and breathes the truths of NLP in all of her actions. A true inspiration of what is possible when you commit to mastery. I recommend her course to anyone looking to take themselves to the next level.

    Hugs and love"

    Chad Turner
  • “Believe me I done maybe hundreds of training programs but this one was really special for me. I learned a lot from you, its helping me every day. It is a pleasure to know a person like you, with a unique personality. You are very special for me. I choose pearls cause you are specious like those pearl. I hope I see soon & I really want you to be my Guru.

    With all my love.”

    Aziza Ali
    AVP-Area Manager, 
    RBG- Branches' Network, 
    Sharjah Islamic Bank,
  • “Words don’t carry feelings

    However, we will need to have a carrier

    A ray of morning sun

    A smiling flower

    Some colors from the other world

    A smile

    A damp eye

    An outburst of laughter

    A bucket of laughter and gratitude

    And of course something beyond all words

    We wonder what else we can offer

    To the person who has changed our lives


    Ashwini, Krishnam, Girish, Venkat, Chitra, Sandra, Puru, Deepak & Prabhakar
  • “I wanted to share some of my experiences about the life program I attended at Yelagiri hills between 16th Feb 2012 to 26th Feb 2012.

    My personal experience after attending this life program is that “ WOW , Life can be so good “

    The way you prepared us for the knowledge sharing is amazing and beauty of all is that we can adopt the learning to excel in our personal life as well as corporate growth. End of 10th day I returned home like a 5 year old kid seeing the world which I never felt existed which means “Life is a Celebration and live to the full extent by being present”.

    I have attended many courses which are claimed to transform our lives and by far your life program is one of the best I have ever attended. The take home from the life program is fabulous and the transformation we got is instant which is amazing. You have helped us to identify power within us and Khudos to you for giving us such a wonderful experience of Fun, love, Power and the Charm.

    Do you believe it? I am a early raiser now which before attending the course was an impossible to me. At age 39, I have started doing things which I have never done before in my life. Thanks very much for breaking my barriers.”

    Sharavan Kumar
  • “A gift for you on behalf of the Sharjah Islamic Bank team J 

    A path to follow

    The winter will come again with beautiful weather … 

    This time I will fly and float like a feather … 

    This time will be different when I say things and talk ... 

    My thoughts will be strong when I run or walk ... 

    The cells in my body will never shake … 

    Whether my enemy be a human or snake ... 

    For you to have your dreams come true … 

    You better quickly have Reena as a guru … 

    Who taught us techniques for waiving disasters … 

    And heal ourselves and others faster … 

    She reminds us virtues to carry us to our Destiny … 

    Principle, Honor, Respect and Integrity …”

    Yaqoub Amir
    Manager - Employee Relations,
    HRG- Recruitment Department,
    Sharjah Islamic Bank,
  • “Dear GURU,

    After ten months from mother’s womb, when I born, I cried,

    After ten days at Jayakartha, when I resurrected, I smiled.

    A cocoon to unleash the power within and to unlearn the art of living.

    A place to experience the pinnacle of love, peace and celebration.

    A perfect blend of pure and powerful Experience which will make you spell bound.

    It is mystical, life changing and heaven on earth with state of abundance.

    It is the turning point.

    It is the divinely gift.

    It is the beginning of life to the fullest.

    Now, I believe, I can fly…”

    Soft Skills Trainer,
    Chennai, India
  • “What to express in words about such great learning experience at Yercaud? The early morning jungle walks, the freshness in the air, the energetic songs and music, the experiential learning everyday was just FANTASTIC!! The never ending celebrations have begun, making life much more enjoyable and keeping me always in high energy resourceful state. I defy the state of pain now!!”

    a young upcoming life coach,
  • “Thanks for keeping in touch… I would like to say that beside the techniques, the course have changed something in us, the self-esteem, the courage, I think this is because we understood ourselves better and understand the surrounding more as well which is marvelous!!

    Thanks for everything, and of course I will contact you if I needed anything and tell others about these great techniques. ”

    Fadheela AL Marzouqi
    Development Manager,
    HRG- Development Department,
    Sharjah Islamic Bank,
  • “We are all using the NLP techniques and reaping its benefits alike. The course has enabled me, personally, to view all challenges with a fresh perspective and face them with a firm positive attitude, both in my personal and professional dealings. I am thankful to you, Reena, and to my wonderful colleagues who organized the course, for introducing me to NLP. Our collective aim now is to further our acquired knowledge by sharing it with all around us. 

    I definitely support the technology and will surely recommend it to my associates.”

    Eman Jassim
    Sr Vice President - Head of Training & Development,
    Human Resources Group,
    Sharjah Islamic Bank,
  • “Saying few words to describe the course will not be fair, as the course carries lots of feelings that can never be expressed, with all the good thoughts, techniques and instant applications, there are more that will cover the horizon with colors that need to be integrated with all of universe.

    The course conductor who is represented by yourself could deliver the exact needed information even if it would require you to go beyond the written modules and Syllabus, you could also lead the team with honesty, integrity and total dedication to deliver the right information at the right moment of resourceful state to inscribe the correct information that is carved into our deepest brain cells for ever.

    Your pleasant personality touched our feelings with your ability to understand each member of the course family exactly as She / He is with a smile that still reflects in the mirror of respect and honor- ship.

    I want to say thank you and may God bless you for ever..”

    Mahmoud Ramadan
    Vice President - Head of Training & Development,
    Human Resources Group, 
    Sharjah Islamic Bank,
  • “As per my Views

    " Jayakartha and Reena Mam, I am having only one thing. no 2 thing. no 3 thing ...............

    In fact, agar main khud ki auto biography likhta hu aur training ke wo 10 din ke learning experience ko likhta hu to shayad meri auto biography choti pad jayegi:). Without any 2nd thought and without any BAKWAAS Sidi BAAT is - reena mam because of u only i got what exactly i am meant for? and i found what i exactly i want to achieve in my life. So i am going on that path with my vision. having a confidence that yes ill get that.

    So, i am fully equipped with all equipments given by reena mam and i am sharpening my equipments for my life to cut situations and make the path for me very solid."


    Chetan Pandharkar
    Life Coach NLP,
    Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • “What I learnt and experienced in those 10 days cannot be expressed in mere words. I can confidently say that I have experienced the resourceful state "Bliss" throughout my 10 day stay. I can slowly feel the universe attracting success and wealth towards me as I await with open arms.

    I am very happy to be doing this program at a very young age(17 years) and I am now ready to take on the world by using NLP. As I remove barrier after barrier, day after day, I see myself becoming more and more confident to tackle the world outside. Reena is the Best coach, mentor, .... a person can get.

    I would encourage everyone, young or old, who want to make a difference in this world do the NLP programme with Reena.

    Thank you very much Reena”

  • “Ten days went as quick as a holiday on a weekday. What a powerful woman Mrs.Reena Jabran is, she can even control the largest mob and I am sure. She has not only made me into a powerful trainer, she tuned my inner self with so many positive things in life. I can see that she has enhanced my performance in all the aspects to the optimum level. And I am pretty sure that no one else would be able to teach so many technics of NLP within ten days that too so darn deeply. It does not matter if you are a trainer or not, do attend this course guys, I assure you that it is a life changing experience.”

    Noel Nitin John
    Director - Academics,
    Aspire Learning Company Pvt. Ltd,
  • “Hi Reena, I wanted to thank you for the great experience that I had when I attended 10 days of NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner program. The program was very well structured and it kept growing on you as the days passed. Your never ending energy and , passion for the topic is really amazing. I am sure as the program is positioned as "Life changing program" it will bring in lot of positive changes in every participants life.”

    Monika Saxena
  • “This NLP combined training program is cleverly conducted in a sattwic environment that challenges and elevates oneself as much outside the classroom as in. The morning sunsets will imprint my soul forever - my perspective on life has changed irreversibly to one of greater authenticity, congruence to core values and breaking through comfort zones. Heartfelt thanks for your generous welcome and support Reena.”

    Ais Murphy
    Senior Dietitian, Lifecoach, Theatre Actress. 
  • “I've been finding time to work on the techniques we learnt during the course and the ones that I practise regularly are showing fantastic effects. And there is a happy news too. There was a project that we'd recently at our office which was in the form of competition and conducted at the all-india level. My team made it to the top 6 couple of weeks back and we were asked to make a presentation before the judges to determine the top 3.

    And guess what, I applied our techniques before my presentation (circle of excellence and anchors) and the presentation was extremely good. My team was judged as the #1 team for it. The result came couple of days back.

    I am excited to share this experience with you.”

    Hari Prasad
    Google India,
    Hyderabad, India
  • “I thank Almighty for having given the opportunity to know about NLP and become a Master Practitioner under the tutelage of Ms.Reena Jabran @ Yelagiri Hils during Jul 09.

    The foremost basic premise of NLP is that Behaviours can be changed for good. I realized how we sabotage ourselves and how we couldn't break our barriers - Most self made, isn't it?

    Have realized after having put into miniscule use of the wonderful techniques in NLP to me and people around me, it works wonders. And my friend, we must have a strong want, don't worry if you have behavioural issues or habits that's stopping you achieve your desired outcomes @ home and @ work too. Have a want, Trust yourself and Trust your NLP Guru Reena Jabran. Success, money , fame, peace, concentration... (What ever you strongly want will happen).”

    V.Ravi Chander
    Chief Enabler,
    Gates & Windows,
    Chennai, India
  • “It was a fantastic and wonderful experience in my life. I became so empowered by your ways of heart touching presentation that I resigned from the organization where I was working. Right now I am playing a wonderful innings with my own organization "Centre for Awakening Mind Power (CAMP), the way I wanted to live in. Now, I can say strongly, "As I wish, I Become". The NLP Techniques I learned are paths of sure successes. Reena, I am really very much thankful for making this enjoyable shifting within me.

    Also, I am very much thankful to KA, Jabran, Sumathi, and all my batch mates Kalyani, Manoj, Anu Kumar, Hafiz and Wasim who have supported me in changing of my life from old lethargic man to new dynamic player.

    Hats up Reena, Hats up Jayakartha. I wish all success for Jayakartha Viswa Sadhanalaya.”

    Biswanath Babu
    Chairman and Programme Facilitator, 
    Centre for Awakening Mind Power (CAMP),
    Balangir, Orissa
  • “Whoever read this, please pay attention. This testimonial is a proof to what can happen to your life, if you select a right training programe, because right decision at right time turn around your life. That is what happened to me in July when I attended NLP Master Practitioner course at Yellagiri Hills under Ms Reena Jabran's coaching.

    Prior attending, I was besieged by host of situations and I was searching for a way out. One of my friends who attended Reena's coaching strongly recommended. Thank God, I took a right decision and was there at Yellagiri from 24th July to 2nd Aug.

    It made tremendous changes to me, in terms of :

        Perception towards life


        Boosting energy level

        Seeing everything around with a fresh set of eyes

        Improving the senses

        Breaking barriers

        A "Can Do" attitude

    I vouch for, this path breaking concept & practice and strongly recommend to all, since this will make The Difference you are looking for and will feel that all those so called "training" you attended were nothing in front of NLP & Ms Reena.

    God Bless Reena to transform another thousands of my brothers & sisters.”

    E.K.Shyam Kumar
    NLP Life Coach, 
    Kochi, India
  • “Before attending the Practitioner course, I was already acquainted with NLP for some 2-3 years through books, websites etc. But I always felt that learning NLP just from books is not enough. I yearned for a mentor/ teacher who could show the flexibility and the skills required to learn NLP and could infuse in me that spirit of NLP which gives one the edge to master the subject and its methodologies. I found such a master/ teacher in Reena ma'am, when I had the opportunity to get trained under her during the NLP Basic Practitioner course. It was during the course that I realized the importance of a guide/instructor in learning a subject like NLP, which can be effectively learnt only experientially.

    The many doubts, misunderstandings and blockages that I had, related to the NLP techniques I already knew, where all clearly addressed from time to time, in the training. In addition, I learned many new powerful techniques which I can readily use while doing change-work. It appeared to me that the valuable insights and guidelines that determine one's ability to use the different techniques effectively, were not intended to be given to the participants in a passive manner. We had to apply our own thinking to the concepts and come up with our own practical doubts. And when we presented our doubts to our trainer, she readily cleared them and shared her own insights.

    Reena ma'am's commitment to NLP is something one cannot fail to notice. More than anything, it makes us think in awe about the possibilities of NLP as an aid to designing our own life, as well as others. The practitioner course inspired me to take up sharing the concepts of NLP with others and today, I enjoy that fulfillment which comes when we work on that wherein lies our passion. In and through the NLP workshops that I conduct with my colleague, I am reminded of the commitment and passion that NLP demands to make itself known to people through me.

    Thanks a million to Reena ma'am and Jayakartha. I express my sincere gratitude to this wonderful team. All the very best.”

    Thrissur, Kerala
  • “My humble pranam and thank you first for giving me a great opportunity to learn and understand NLP.

    When Mr.Jabran gave his introduction speech on the 1st day and referred that most of those who had attended NLP, latter had shifted from their present job to a more lucrative job profile with good income, i did not feel at that time, i will follow the same. It was the Mettalogical learning exercise which i did first of all gave me a picture of where i stand now and what stands as obstacle or limits me on achieving my end goals with regard to my career. NLP gave me the strength to move away from the present comfortable zone and to look for a different profile. Today being with HDFC Bank- Home Loans- Manager - sales, taking care of entire Kerala vertical, i am confident of achieving my given target and grow up career wise. It took almost 3 decades for me to unlock the secret and understand that human brain is always creative and one achieves his/her dream according to his/her powerful visualization of his objective.

    NLP training has redirected my thinking pattern and the way in which i perceive the challenges or obstacles. Techniques like Visual squash, Reparenting, New Behavior generated, Criticism handling on application is give me relief and solutions on various counts, be it personal or be it in my job. Anchoring powerful resourceful state on daily practice is guiding me to apply those anchors and achieve the desired result.

    My only prayer to almighty after i have attended NLP is "O Lord, Please take care of my BRAIN" and thus have stopped putting endless list before HIM.

    Thanks a lot once again Reena mam and Mr.Jabran for the wonderfull ambience, stay and food accommodation you had provided to all of us. Your energy level which was doubling on each day when you where taking classes, clearly shows how passionate you are about NLP and pray to almighty that HE flows through you and you make lot difference in others life by shifting them.”

    Manoj Kumar.A
    Manager Sales, Home Loans Division,
    HDFC Bank,
    Kerala, India
  • “I found the NLP course taught by Reena very insightful and interesting. What impressed me more was that she took personal interest in helping me to deal with a problem I needed to work with, even beyond the periphery of the course itself. I found her assertive as well as effective.

    Here is wishing her all the best in touching the lives of many more people”

    Paul Mathew T
    Founder Facilitator, Corporate Theatre,
  • “Lots of time I came across the cross roads of my life and I exactly knew which is the right path to take; however seldom I took the right path because it was too damn hard. NLP training with Reena Jabran enabled me to wipe clear the cob webs of self doubts and develop the self confidence to take the road less travelled.”

    Nalin Srivastava
    Indian School Of Business,
  • “Hi Aziez,

    How are you !

    How is your smoking situation ?

    Keep on making the 'As if' frame very strong. This will propel you towards a great successful life.

    You can keep interacting with me for any clarification. As NFNLP also ...(message taken away as irrelevant to this context)

    With warm regards,

    Reena Jabran

    Answered by one of the participants at Jayakarta, Indonesia.

    Hi Reena,


    Smoking? What is that? :) 

    I'm very happy stopping my smoking habits 

    I believe that it enables me for enhancing my successful life 

    Also, I heard from Bobby, Teddi, Doctor and Cipto, they found significant personal and business progress after joining the course. Fantastic!! 

    Thank you for the great occasion and cooperation.

    best regards,

    Abdul Aziez”

    Abdul Aziez
    Jakarta, Indonesia


  • “I just wanted to update you on my game performance in the last few weeks, and ever since I've started using the NLP techniques it has improved dramatically! I put my circle of excellence around me everyday, and I can feel myself becoming more confident, assertive and strong. I was walking alone on the road yesterday, and I had put my shield on..I suddenly felt that i was more aware and alert, and extremely strong. It was an amazing feeling! I've also been using the Modelling technique and it's working beautifully. I'm beginning to feel good about myself when I play, and I am winning practice matches more often than before!

    As of now, I can't think of any specific limitations and barriers because there seems to be a technique for everything.

    Thank you Reena, miss you!!”

    Sanjana Chandrashekar
    Junior National Tennis Player,
  • “Hi Reena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There has been lot of improvements in my tennis and in my personal life. In my tennis I would say that my attitude towards the game has improved and the belief that i could go to the top is increasing day by day. Recent perfomances in tournaments have shown that my game is goin to the next level ... I have been using NLP in my studies also and it has been helping . My parents are now having more belief in me. My fitness levels are improving...

    Bye Reena!!! ”

    Soorya S
    Junior National Tennis Player,
  • “If there is someone who can make miracles happen its you, you did something which no psychologist or psychiatrist could do. Your program's are just amazing and very powerful. I've experienced changes in myself and others with me in the program. I vouch for your program's. You're a fantastic Life Coach, I've been able to make important decisions in my life thanks to your coaching.

    You're a woman who has gone through lots of situations in life and still going through situations. There is no words to describe the way you handle the situations, I don't think anyone would've survived the situations that you go through. You're such a warm person very loving and extending. You're what you teach, I've seen you build rapport with people in minutes”

    Senthil Kumar V
    National Tennis Player,
  • “I have been using the nlp in my tennis and studies. I found it easier to study tough subjects after using accelarated learning. My tennis ranking has gone up from 315 to 261.

    Thank you Reena”

    Rahul Raj
    Junior National Tennis Player, 


  • “Last year I suffered a professional setback due to retrenchment. I used to spend time browsing internet in order to apply for jobs. Oneday while browsing I came accross the website . I went through it in detail. I came to know about Ms.Reena Jabran and her NLP classes.

    As I was not financially sound, I was not able to join any of her classes immediately. However, I used to email her my queries and she used to respond immediately. Her encouraging words motivated me a lot.

    I had the good fortune of meeting her in Person in Chennai. She used some NLP Therapy on me. My energy and confidence level boosted up. I am recently associated with a service oriented organisation. I strongly believe that this is a new beginning in my life which has happened only due to NLP power.

    Ms.Reena Jabran calls me even now, inspite of her busy schedule just to enquire about my well being.”

    Chithambaran T S
    Chennai, India
  • “Thinking about NLP as "one more" technique to deal with psychological problems, I met you with very little hope of getting shifted from a painful state of emotions and unnecessary dependencies. The words you spoke to me for few minutes gave me a confidence that there is a high probability of success with NLP and made me clear that the only thing needed is the "complete confidence" over the technique and the therapist.

    The first day therapys effect itself was like a miracle and after the second sitting I was totally out of the problem. My wildest dreams are becoming true both in my professional and personal lives. I really wonder every day that how could few visualization techniques and physical actions do such a miracle. I see the mother goddess in you and her motherly care in your therapy.

    The two days NLP practitioner workshop is a boon for learning to enjoy every moment of life. The workshop is an "everything-in-one" package - Goal setting, rapport building, modeling, improving presentation and communication skills, to name a few. The techniques taught are really wonderful and destroy many of our unwanted blocks. Once am out of the training hall, I really got a very happy feeling which I had ever got in my lifetime. I felt really sad about wasting life for years and years without knowing how to live it. I was able to convince myself soon that now I had got NLP to make everything right.

    In toto, I feel like I have discovered an invaluable treasure and I have started sharing it with as many people as I can.

    I am still trying to say "Thank You" with more than just words to yourself and Sumathi.”

    Venkataramanan R
    Sr. Database Consultant,
    Virtusa (India) Pvt Ltd,
    Chennai, India
  • “Reena, whenever I watched you live on stage, I used to think that even I should be on stage one day. My excitement grew no bounds when i was called by you onto the stage. This had never occured me even in my wildest dreams. Earlier, I used to be emotional and the stage fear almost killed me. But this time, after applying the technique taught by you, I felt more composed, relaxed and even used expressive gestures. And lo! My panic and fear of stage had vanished! I am able to communicate and relate to the huge crowd in most charming way. Reena, it is because of you. I am so grateful to you. I wish you and your team all success!

    Ms Dhanalakshmi [group leader] : Kanchana now dresses differently. She is able to interact surprisingly well before a crowd. Her confidence level has gone up tremendously and she is able to head a small group which she could never do before. Her change is prominent. Is it a miracle? I am fixing my appointment with her now before I lose the golden opportunity!”

    Chennai, India