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Chief Resource Person


Founder - Jayakartha
Creator of - ‘Tat Twam Asi’- Signature Program
Celebrity Coach – Film and Sports Industry
Expert on Neuro Linguistic Programming with Neural Semantics and Ancient Indian Spirituality

International Trainers Coach for 700+ Trainers in India, UK, USA, Egypt, UAE, Indonesia, Maldives, Canada, France, Germany, Morocco and Sri Lanka

Celebrity Coach for Bollywood Stars in handling their Success

Sports World Coach : Enhancing Mental strength and change game strategies

80+ batches of Students Certified in Basic & Master International Certificate in NLP with Neural Networking and Ancient Indian Spirituality

Rich Experience in handling 1,250+ individuals [online and offline] with Psychological Challenges like varied types of Phobias, Acute Anxiety Disorders, Depressions, OCD, Addictions, PTSD, Relationship problems, through NLP and Neural Networking Techniques

20+ Spiritual Retreats with Modern Neural Networking Techniques and Ancient Indian Spirituality

20+ years of Corporate Training with 1,500+ days of workshop and seminars conducted

175+ Corporate Clients - Manufacturing, Service, Technology and Government

75+ Educational Institution – Schools, Colleges, Universities [students, teachers, Professors]

Expert on Customizing & Designing Programs for Individual and Organizational Excellence

A Unique Blend of Ancient Indian Spirituality being Personal Secretary to Swami Chinmayananda for a period of 2 and half years leaning doctrines of Philosophy from Upanishads, Bhagawat Gita and the Vedas

40+ years of Spiritual Journey with a gamut of Spiritual Gurus

Tat Twam Asi – Signatory Online Powerful Coaching Program instrumental in Changing many individual challenges

Reena Jabran at World Confluence on Spirituality, Peace & Humanity 2011