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Details about our upcoming Programs

International NLP Practitioner Certification

Foundation & Practitioner Certification 
Neuro Linguistic Programming
National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Florida, USA - Certified

Course Content :

  • Living Inspired Freedom – An Experience – Intense Subjective experience to enhance the quality of Personal and Professional life
  • Neuro science and its relevance to the technology
  • Assimilating Tools and techniques of Neuro Linguistic programming for Business development and sustainability and Individual, Family and Ecology
  • Experiencing the Technology and creating awareness of Thought Processes to enhance quality of living and life and for handling a larger vision of Self and Professional Excellence
  • Usage of NLP techniques and tools in Practical day to day activities for handling challenges and barriers, obstacles and limitations, which brings about stress levels in work and home environments
  • Accessing Resourceful states instantly and using them during the right time and right situations
  • Understanding the role of metal maps in dealing with situation, experiences and people and the art of changing the mental maps
  • Building relationships instantly through rapport building and enhancing the quality of relationships with one and all
  • Working on a larger vision and aligning self identity, beliefs and values, capabilities and skills and behavior towards the inspired path
  • Create, modify and negate behavioral patterns towards the desired outcome in personal and organizational excellence
  • Ability to administer techniques using it as a tool in counseling and therapies

Venue : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Dates : 1st to 6th October, 2018 (6 Days - Non Residential)


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the Basic Practitoner Certificate and Membership Id from the National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Florida, USA

Coach : Reena Jabran

NLP Foundation

First Step into the World of Reprogramming the Human Brain

Create your Niche in this World. Come & Experience a LIFE Changing Program to change your LIFE and the Lives of People around you !

NLP has helped millions of people achieve great success, increase confidence, overcome fears, and enrich relationships. NLP will help you to bounce back instantly with courage when you are in the verge of giving up and face challenges

NLP tools and Techniques helps you to easily achieve the things that you always thought is not possible in your work and home environment. You will change your behaviour and attitude and respond to experiences around you positively and operate from a state of confidence, maturity and celebrations

Take Away from the 2 Day NLP Foundation Program

  •   Enhance your Verbal and Non verbal Communication – Clarity is Power
  •   Handle your fears, and manage your emotional states
  •   Access Resourceful states instantly and build deep Rapport with one and all
  •   Take Charge of your life and Create the Passionate life you always wanted
  •   Achieve your Goals and Desired outcomes through powerful techniques of NLP
  •   Handle Stress, Challenges with Ease Maturity and Stability and lead an Inspired Life

Workshop Leader - Reena Jabran

Has handled NLP certification and corporate training for more than 18 years. She has certified more than 600 students in Practitioner and Master Practitioner all over the world. She has also administered more than 1500 therapies on individuals with psychological situations. Has conducted numerous seminars and workshops to the corporate and educational institutions.

Message from your Workshop Leader
"To Understand NLP Techniques and make it Work for Self and Organization is very Important. This Technology is very Powerful and the Impact of the Techniques Administered is Permanent and Irreversible. Please Come with a Pristine and Open Mind and Unveil the Secrets of People who Celebrate their Existence"

Venue : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Date : 29th & 30th September, 2018

(2 Days on Weekend - Non Residential)


  • Participation Certificate will be issued

Krishna Vijay
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Mobile : +91-94946-50077
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