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Modeling successful performance leads to excellence.  If one person can do something it is possible to model it and teach it to others - Image

Modeling successful performance

leads to excellence. If one person

can do something it is possible

to model it and teach it to others

- NLP Presupposition

To give maximum happiness to maximum people in minimum time
Our training and development courses ignite a sense of success and accomplishment in the individual by experiencing immediate results in the domains of ...
With the behavioural patterns and with information gathered during the counseling sessions, the environment which would bring out excellence would be identified, thereby triggering a deep sense of ...
Dr William Horton president NFNLP Florida accrediting Reena Jabran as a direct trainer of NFNLP
Dr William Horton president NFNLP Florida accrediting Reena Jabran as a direct trainer of NFNLP
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Reena Jabran with the Head of Departments of Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives
Reena Jabran with the Master Trainers of IT Center, Cairo, Egypt
Reena Jabran with the Budding Trainers of Indonesia
The Performers of National Tennis - 20 Days Mental Training Camp at Yearcaud, Tamil Nadu
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First of its Kind in India... NLP Therapy Clinic at Hyderabad

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LIFE - Living Inspired Freedom - an Experience

"With the Blessings of my Spiritual and Management Gurus, My passion to live Life and Celebrate it to the Fullest….. The best project of mine with my Personal Life Challenges and which I live and make the meaning of my Life – LIFE Program"

…. Reena Jabran

LIFE – Living Inspired Freedom – An Experience

15 days Residential and that too at this high price….. What can I get ? Is it worth the Investment and Time…..  This is probably a question which rises in ones mind when they want to have a Life Changing Experience which changes their lives for the better.

We all want to celebrate our lives by having adequate financial freedom, great health, good relationships with one and all, climb the success ladder and also search for the right place to get an enabler to coach and guide……

Let's face it, taking 15 days off to learn some new age mumbo-jumbo [and explaining this in comprehensive terminology to your boss / wife / husband] might be an arduous task. We appreciate the fact that you have read so far, and you understand that you definitely have a need to learn more of this technology. You may read books, do home lessons, listen to audio tapes, watch videos - with the hope that you can master NLP, Remember, NLP is a skill, a language, a technology, an art, a science, and above all An Experience!

"You can read / watch / listen all that you want about swimming but the truth hits you only when you jump off the deep end of the pool"- Jabran AM

These 15 days Program aims to coach you to a point where you are able to understand and apply these techniques upon yourself and others around you, thereby it enables you first to change your outlook of life and undergo a whole lot of changes in your behavior and attitude. A plethora of activities will be interspersed to experience and use these NLP Techniques to overcome barriers and to indentify and eliminate your limiting beliefs. Most of all, we use NLP to teach NLP

This is a Pioneering Program in INDIA to integrate NLP and ELP [Experiential Learning Processes] where the participants would not only be in classroom sessions, but in the outdoors, experiencing amazing range of stimuli including adventure, humor, comradeship, peaceful existence, sportsmanship, team synergy, and much, much more.

You will learn the tools of how to make this rapid-change technology a reality. You will learn in easy-to-comprehend English -- from the people who exposed the secret myth of NLP. This is an intensive, hands-on experience.

The Foundation of this Program would give you the Scientific approach to this Technology, the Basic Practitioner would be useful to mould you as a Therapist and the Master Practitioner would enable you to design the modules for the Corporate World.

We are accredited to NFNLP, Florida, USA - a BASIC & MASTER PRACTITIONER Certificate would be issued at the end of the workshop from NFNLP, Florida, USA.

Why you should take this course RIGHT NOW !

  • NLP is a Powerful and Practical ‘user – friendly’ set of tools and techniques for exploring self potential and taking life to a greater heights
  • Learn the strategies of successful people and make it yours
  • Create and Celebrate a more meaningful Personal and Professional goals
  • Explore and Enhance your Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicate more Powerfully and Convincingly
  • Enjoy Building Rapport with difficult People
  • Learn to sell, Negotiate and Present Yourself to People
  • Handle change, Work Efficiently on problem Solving, and Challenging Situations
  • Work on Holistic Enhancement of yourself – Physical, Emotional, Relationships, Finance, Energy levels, Communication and be an Achiever
  • Take your Coaching and Leadership to new levels like never seen before

NOW, don’t you think it is an one time Investment and you are on your way to Success…..

600 leaders have gone through this path and there is no looking back for them….

Do you want to be the next one……

Check out on some of our testimonials for the impact of this life changing workshop

Enquire Now and make a positive difference to your life! NOW !
" Neuro linguistic programming is used by the most powerful people in the world like Barack Obama, Andre Agassi, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, and you can use these technique to create your niche in this world. Come and experience a life changing program to change your lives and the lives of people you come in touch with "
NLP Therapy is used for Improving the Mental & Physical Health. The Quality of Life depends on a person’s coping abilities with Mind & Physical Health Challenges. NLP is a Powerful tool to Explore past situations & experiences, information that one gathers on the route till present date, formation of useful & not useful belief systems and takes you beyond the barriers & limitations to set you in a path towards achieving your goal, thereby working upon Celebrating Life.

This method Creates, Negates and Modifies Thought Processes & Behavioral Patterns to a more Productive Existence. You can notice change in yourself even after the 1st session, and people around you – Personal & Professional would see the change profoundly. You will experience Life Changing events during the Therapies. You just have to come with an open mind and trust the technology. NLP Therapy is about Action, it’s Dynamic and Energetic, making the changes you want to change happen - Right Now !
Reena Jabran Reena Jabran
A Student of Psychology, Certified Coach in Neuro linguistic Programming from the National Federation of Neuro linguistic Programming, Florida. She is an NLP therapist and also ...
Jayakartha TestimonialJayakartha Testimonial

"We are all using the NLP techniques and reaping its benefits alike. The course has enabled me, personally, to view all challenges with a fresh perspective and face them with a firm positive attitude, both in my personal and professional dealings. I am thankful to you, Reena, and to my wonderful colleagues who organized the course, for introducing me to NLP. Our collective aim now is to further our acquired knowledge by sharing it with all around us.

I definitely support the technology and will surely recommend it to my associates."

Eman Jassim, President - Training & Development, Human Resources Group, Sharjah Islamic Bank

Reena is a dear friend and a strong and courageous person who has faced all the challenges in life with a smile. Her never give up attitude has made her unique and her focus on changing many women to be like her is yet another powerful venture she has taken. Her trainings are very inspiring and motivating. I am sure she would be the best coach for the 'women Empowerment' program she is conducting. My best wishes to her.

Kalpana Ganesh, Corporate HR (OD), Ashok Leyland

"I have known Reena for the last fifteen years. I met her for the first time when she and her husband attended my lecture in Chennai. All three of us met socially thereafter...

I am aware that Reena went through some trying times and I am happy that she emerged stronger.

She is a focussed individual with great insights, empathy and concern for others--all the qualities that have helped become an effective and transformational trainer.

I wish her all the best in her personal and professional pursuits."

Prof Rooshikumar Pandya
(well known Hypnotherapist)

"If there is someone who can make miracles happen its you, you did something which no psychologist or psychiatrist could do. Your program's are just amazing and very powerful. I've experienced changes in myself and others with me in the program. I vouch for your program's. You're a fantastic Life Coach, I've been able to make important decisions in my life thanks to your coaching.

You're a woman who has gone through lots of situations in life and still going through situations. There is no words to describe the way you handle the situations, I don't think anyone would've survived the situations that you go through. You're such a warm person very loving and extending. You're what you teach, I've seen you build rapport with people in minutes "

Senthil Kumar V (Upcoming National Level Tennis Player)

"I have known Reena for several years now. She is a great trainer and a life coach. I have had personal experiences of her skills and she is a perfect professional. She knows who she is training and brings the right blend of content, humor and passionate delivery style to deliver value. She can dig deep into her resources to give you solutions for real world problems, as she herself has come through several of them in her life with flying colors. She is quite good, specifically in the areas of "Women Empowerment" and would pack a punch and make every woman believe in themselves. I would personally vouch for her programs having had first hand experience."

S. Prakash - CEO & Principal Consultant, See Change Consulting

"Reena is an epitome of energy and calibre. I was trained by Reena in NLP and it was something which I will never forget in my life. Reena is one among those who have made an everlasting impression on me. I have not met her for a very long time and I am sure during these years he would only have become even more better in what she was already great at"

Jayesh Menon - Regional HR director, APAC at Itron

"I found the NLP course taught by Reena very insightful and interesting. What impressed me more was that she took personal interest in helping me to deal with a problem I needed to work with, even beyond the periphery of the course itself. I found her assertive as well as effective. Here is wishing her all the best in touching the lives of many more people"

Paul Mathew T - Founder Facilitator , Corporate Theatre

"Reena, You are finest example of the dictum " when the going gets tough, the tough gets going " . My best wishes are with you as always"


Get a refreshing summer chill out / or a great winter holiday with Jayakartha! Get lucky and register for a fabulous NLP course that is a deal by itself. Learn the Foundation and Basics, Upgrade to Masters and ultimately learn to Train the Trainers! Stay cool this summer, and warm in the winter only with Jayakartha at lushy Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani Hills, the nearest airport is Pune [120 kms], Maharashtra….. India

Relaxed 12 days with the family of Jayakartha. Recharging batteries, Refreshing life and Celebrating each and every moment with Passion and Excellence

An experience to taste and benefits immense……

Walks among the trees, birds singing to you, the woods whispering gifts of success, the taste of the forest breeze and more a gurukul feeling…… all knitted into learning from nature…..

Now, think honestly - isn't that you had always wanted to do? Here is your chance to gain the expert knowledge of fine NLP techniques taught from the best trainers.


NLP Practitioner
Coaching & Mentoring

Foundation & Practitioner Certification
Neuro Linguistic Programming

NFNLP, Florida, USA - Certified

Venue : Hyderabad, India
Date :  7th to 13th December, 2015 (7 Days)

Non - Residential Program


LIFE - Living Inspired Freedom - an Experience

Foundation, Practitioner & Master Practitioner Certification
Neuro Linguistic Programming

NFNLP, Florida, USA - Certification

Venue : Hyderabad, India

Date :  7th to 21st February, 2016 (15 Days)

Residential Program

Note :
Participants can do the Practitioner Certification either Separately or Combined


All our students are automatically qualified to become Jayakartha NLP Alumini members.

Apart from being honoured as a part of world class NLP Organisation, your resources are unlimited with Jayakartha.

  • Interact with the best and highly enthusiastic NLP members,
  • Share your NLP experiences and NLP ideas with like minded NLP community,
  • Get abreast with latest in NLP Technology,
  • Be among trendsetters and go-getters.
  • An opportunity to get surrounded with achievers and high aspirers!
  • Get the platform that you had aspired for launching your success.
  • A place where every moment is a celebration!
  • The only place where energy overflows and dont want to exhaust!
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