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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Accredited to National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Florida, USA

" Neuro Linguistic Programming is used by the Most Powerful People in the World like Barack Obama, Andre Agassi, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates and You too can use these technique to create your Niche in this World. Come and Experience a LIFE Changing Program to change your Lives and the Lives of People you come in touch with "


Journey began in the year 2000, Find out what we've evolved into !!

Neuro Linguistic Programming 

NLP !!!
What  is NLP?
Why NLP ??
How to go about it ??

Therapeutical NLP

NLP Therapy is used for Improving the Mental & Physical Health. The Quality of Life depends on a person’s coping abilities with Mind & Physical Health Challenges

Reena Jabran
Chief Resource Person

A Student of Psychology, Certified Coach in Neuro linguistic Programming from the National Federation of Neuro linguistic Programming, Florida, USA. She is an NLP Therapist and also ...


Our Upcoming Programs

Re-Engineering Business Presentation Skills

Revealing the Secrets of Powerful Presenters

Venue : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Date : 16th September, 2016

NLP Foundation

First Step in to the World of Reprogramming the Human Brain

Venue : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Date : 17th September, 2016

Powerful Selling Skills

Build your confidence to enhance the quality of Selling

Venue : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Date : 23th September, 2016

NLP Practitioner

Foundation & Practitioner Certification 
Neuro Linguistic Programming 
NFNLP, Florida, USA - Certified

Venue : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Dates : 15th & 16th October, 2016
22nd & 23rd October, 2016
5th & 6th November, 2016
(3 Weekends)

Non-Residential Program


  • “We are all using the NLP techniques and reaping its benefits alike. The course has enabled me, personally, to view all challenges with a fresh perspective and face them with a firm positive attitude, both in my personal and professional dealings. I am thankful to you, Reena, and to my wonderful colleagues who organized the course, for introducing me to NLP. Our collective aim now is to further our acquired knowledge by sharing it with all around us.

    I definitely support the technology and will surely recommend it to my associates.”

    Eman Jassim
    President - Training & Development,
    Human Resources Group, 
    Sharjah Islamic Bank,
  • “I have known Reena for several years now. She is a great trainer and a life coach. I have had personal experiences of her skills and she is a perfect professional. She knows who she is training and brings the right blend of content, humor and passionate delivery style to deliver value. She can dig deep into her resources to give you solutions for real world problems, as she herself has come through several of them in her life with flying colors. She is quite good, specifically in the areas of "Women Empowerment" and would pack a punch and make every woman believe in themselves. I would personally vouch for her programs having had first hand experience.”

    S. Prakash
    CEO & Principal Consultant,
    See Change Consulting
  • “I found the NLP course taught by Reena very insightful and interesting. What impressed me more was that she took personal interest in helping me to deal with a problem I needed to work with, even beyond the periphery of the course itself. I found her assertive as well as effective. Here is wishing her all the best in touching the lives of many more people”

    Paul Mathew T
    Founder Facilitator,
    Corporate Theatre


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